50 Years Ago Today

DECEMBER 3, 1951 AMERICAN AID: According to a reliable American source, the question of US aid to Greece for 1951-1952 should not be of concern to the Greek people. The aid will amount to almost the same as that for 1950-1951, with only a very minor reduction. If one adds the extra military aid and other amounts to be granted to Greece, then the total amount for reconstruction will be tens of millions of dollars higher than last year. NO (IMMEDIATE) EXECUTIONS: Paris, 1 – Mr I. Politis, Greece’s permanent representative to the UN, has submitted to the General Assembly president a document condemning an attempt by the Soviet Union to interfere in Greece’s affairs and, in particular, a proposal by the Soviet representative asking the General Assembly to intervene and «save 12 Greek citizens sentenced to death.» (…) In his letter, Mr Politis emphasized that (…) Nikos Beloyiannis and the other communists sentenced with him are all part of a conspiracy to (overthrow the government) with the cooperation of the Soviet Union (…). Despite all the terrible crimes these people had been sentenced for, they would benefit from clemency measures adopted by the Greek government for all convicts in this category. (…) Therefore the Soviet representative was mistaken in saying that these people were in danger of being executed immediately. The Daily Mail tabloid has seen such a wonderful opportunity to ride British public outrage that it has gone so far as to call for a boycott of Greek products. The Spectator, a more highbrow weekly, editorialized on «Greek paranoia» and suggested a boycott of the Athens Olympics.

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