September 11, 1956

FRONT: (From an editorial of the same title in Kathimerini) «…British propaganda has mobilized all its forces to divide the Greek people, or at least to make it seem to the rest of the world that the people are divided into moderates and intransigents, the compromising and uncompromising (over the Cyprus issue). They have partly succeeded in this. That is to say, they have created the impression that the Greek people’s demand for self-determination on Cyprus is not unanimous. Some irresponsible people – far more malevolent than had they been put up to it – have helped in that direction. The Greek government and its efforts… have been damaged and slandered. However, those of ill intent are not the entire nation after all. They are suffering from partisan bitterness and it would be advisable and legitimate to cast them aside ruthlessly in order to strengthen the united front put up by honorable Greeks. The Cyprus issue is an issue that concerns Greece, its government and opposition. The day after tomorrow in the United Nations, everyone must hear Greece’s united voice.»