September 14, 1956

JOHN FOSTER DULLES: Washington, 13 – World public opinion is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Suez crisis… Today both British and French officials threatened to resort to arms. US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles set out the US policy on the issue to the press after a telephone conversation with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who is in Gettysburg. Secretary of State Dulles said that the US has no intention of using guns to allow ships to pass through the canal and that if Egypt wanted to blockade the canal, the US would instruct ships to divert around the Cape of Good Hope. NIKOLAI BULGANIN: Paris, 13 – Russian Prime Minister Nikolai Bulganin today warned France and Britain against the use of force in the Suez Canal. Field Marshal Bulganin advised them to use moderation and said that the use of force in a situation such as this was inconceivable in this day and age. GIORGOS TZAVELAS: Moscow, 11 (AFP) – So far 300,000 people here have seen the film Greek film «The Counterfeit Sovereign.» (Ed. note: The film, made in 1955, was directed and written by Giorgos Tzavelas. It starred Vassilis Logothetidis, Ilya Livikou, Mimis Fotopoulos, Sperantza Vrana and Orestes Makris, with music by Manos Hadjidakis.)