November 4, 1956

TSALDARIS AND KARTALIS: The heads of the Working People’s Democratic Party (DKEL), Georgios Kartalis, and of the People’s Party, Constantine Tsaldaris, issued statements yesterday condemning the attack by Great Britain and France against Egypt. They claim that Greece had a great opportunity… to further a settlement of the Cyprus issue (which should be) full self-determination for the Cypriot people. RISE OF GOLD SOVEREIGN: Events in Egypt have influenced the price of the gold sovereign, which rose from 313 drachmas on October 29 to 317 drachmas on October 30. SHIPS IN MEDITERRANEAN: The Piraeus Port Authority has warned that ships sailing to Israel and Egypt should not approach the ports of those two countries. WAR IN SUEZ: New York, 2 – Great Britain and France have decided not to abide by the UN General Assembly majority decision in favor (64 votes in favor, 5 against and 6 abstentions) of the United States’ proposal for all armed forces (in Egypt) to withdraw to behind the ceasefire line. The decision to ignore the vote was taken during a visit by the French foreign minister to London today for lengthy discussions with British officials.