February 16, 1957

COMMISSIONED CARTOONS: Nicosia – The British security forces today dropped 250,000 government proclamations over Cyprus from the air, claiming that the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) «has completely failed in its work and its days are numbered.» They also said General Grivas had not managed to drive the British out of Cyprus nor would he. «Grivas knows that he has failed miserably and that EOKA is being annihilated.» The proclamations also include a cartoon of General Grivas inside a cave writing his memoirs. «This writer,» said the proclamations, «is in a state of confusion.» It is the first time the British have distributed illustrated proclamations. A famous cartoonist whose works are usually published in the British magazine «Punch» was brought to the island for the purpose. DIMITRIOS TSAKONAS: New books: Demetrius Tsakonas: «Studien zur Griechichischen Literatur der Neuzeit» (Studies in Modern Greek Literature), Bonn, 1957. HUMAN RIGHTS: New books: «The Power of Military Courts over Civilians and Death Sentences» (on the implementation in Greece of the law on espionage), Greek Union for Human and Civil Rights, Athens, 1956.