May 10, 1957

URANIUM IN LARISSA: Industry Ministry officials have expressed reservations about a report from Larissa claiming that uranium had been found in the region. They said there was no reason for undue optimism until it had first been ascertained that the size of any deposits would justify commercial exploitation. DASSIN IN CANNES: Paris, 4 – Jules Dassin’s film «He Who Must Die» has just premiered in both Paris – before President Rene Coty – and at the Cannes Film Festival. Both screenings were very well received. The Paris premiere was a particularly glamorous affair, with many French cabinet members and celebrities attending. In Cannes, where Dassin’s film was an official entry for France, the often critical public received the film with great enthusiasm. Nikos Kazantzakis, author of «The Greek Passion» on which the film was based, said in an interview in Cannes that he was delighted with the faithful manner in which Dassin had adapted the novel for the screen. JOSEPH McCARTHY: New York, 3 – The «Grand Inquisitor» of America – as Joseph McCarthy has been called – has died here at the age of 47.