May 22, 1957

MERTEN CASE: The Greek national war crimes bureau has resumed its interrogation of German national Max Merten, who is accused of committing various crimes between 1942 and 1944 when he was the deputy of the German military commander of Thessaloniki. He had recently come to Athens on business and was arrested by order of the Greek war crimes bureau. He is being held in Averof Prison. Merten is accused of executing 682 Greeks in Thessaloniki, including a number of military officers and the president of the community of Galliko. He also stands accused of incarcerating Greek citizens in inhumane conditions and looting stores owned by Thessaloniki Jews, profiting to the tune of half a million gold sovereigns. PAUL DUDLEY WHITE: The famous American cardiologist Paul Dudley White, who is US President Eisenhower’s doctor, arrived in Athens yesterday from Beirut. ANASTASIOS ORLANDOS: Architectural historian Anastasios Orlandos, an authority on the restoration of classical monuments, has returned from Paris where he represented Greece at an international conference of architects.