November 10, 1957

SPUTNIK AND LAIKA: Moscow, 9 – The first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, a metal sphere just 58 centimeters in diameter launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, has begun its descent, according to an announcement from Tass, the official Soviet news agency. The announcement also added the news that Laika, the most famous dog in the world, on board the second Sputnik, was no longer alive. There are reasons to believe that an attempt will be made to bring the dog back to Earth and if this is successful, it will show that the Soviet Union has an advanced remote control capability, which means they would be able to launch anything being carried by the artificial satellite whenever they like. TRIAL IN HUNGARY: Budapest, 9 – Frequently conflicting rumors circulating in Budapest regarding the trial of novelist Tibor Dery and three of his colleagues say only that the Hungarian people are very interested in the issue. Officially, no such trial is being held. No announcements have been made, nor is it known where the trial is taking place.