December 6, 1957

SNOW IN ATHENS: Athens has had its heaviest snowfall since 1941. Last Monday’s snow had not yet melted when a new cold snap arrived bringing a fresh blanket all over Attica the night before last. The hills surrounding the city turned into a landscape of the north and the trees in the Royal Garden were transformed into beautiful sculptures. The flowerbeds look like giant iced cakes. Schools saw very poor attendances yesterday as schoolchildren and students enjoyed themselves having snowball fights in the Garden. Some sculptors from the School of Fine Arts gave vent to their creativity by making snowmen and one student from the School of Physics built a Sputnik out of snow. Snowball fights also broke out in the streets of Athens, where unsuspecting passers-by, usually of the female sex, bore the brunt of the bombardment, most of which came from rooftops. The snow cover reaches as far as the Piraeus seafront and even to the Saronic coastline. Meanwhile, the Faliron racetrack has become an ice rink. The depth of the snow in Athens and its surrounding area varies from 5 to 15 centimeters.