January 10, 1958

‘WE WANT DIVISION’: Ankara – Turkish Foreign Minister Fatin Zorlu after talks today with the British ambassador said the latter had assured him that Britain would never make a decision regarding Cyprus without first consulting Turkey. «As long as things are the way they are,» added the Turkish minister, «we should not be misled by rumors that are circulating but should make a daily review of the situation. In view of the dispute between the Turkish and Greek populations on the island – which is becoming increasingly intense – the Turkish government does not believe that autonomy is an option. A decision should be reached as soon as possible in favor of a division of the island. As it has often stated, Ankara cannot accept any other solution and remains steadfast in that position.» AMERICAN AID: The US Information Service in Greece issued a statement yesterday announcing the size of American aid for the US financial year 1958-59. The total amount is of the order of 44.8 million dollars, allocated as follows: 15 million for defense aid, 19.8 million for agricultural surpluses and 10 million for aid packages to the needy. OPERA HOUSE RENOVATED: Yesterday evening the National Opera staged a gala performance of Verdi’s «Aida» in the newly renovated Olympia Theater. The performance was attended by the king and queen with Princess Sophia, Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, Cabinet members, diplomats and other officials, along with many celebrities from the arts and letters. «Aida» was directed by Remo della Pergola and choreographed by Angela Grimani. The orchestra was conducted by Andreas Paridis. The title role was held by Rena Kanaki, who more than lived up to expectations.