January 24, 1958

ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS: The ethnarch of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, when asked to comment on the recent murder in Cyprus of two leaders of the Communist AKEL party and the subsequent outbreak of demonstrations and other incidents at various towns around the island, made the following statement yesterday: «I regret that the recent incidents in Cyprus have given the impression that the Greek Cypriots are divided. It would be indeed tragic if the unity of the Cypriot people on the national front were to be destroyed by any misunderstandings or spurious impressions. Any division of our forces, particularly at this critical time, would only serve the interests of the British colonial powers in Cyprus. My fervent desire is for complete harmony and sympathy to prevail among the Greek-Cypriot people in their common struggle for freedom. We are convinced that the Greek Cypriots, who through hard battles and sacrifices have brought their national interests closer to a resolution, will continue in their efforts united and undivided in order to achieve the common goal, that of bringing to a successful conclusion the principle of self-determination.»