May 9, 1952

RALLY: Yesterday’s huge rally in favor of union between Cyprus and Greece was a rally indeed. Thousands of people of all social classes flooded Omonia Square when the church bells rang out their song, calling on them to participate. On the balcony of the Bageio building, where Archbishop Spyridon made his historic speech, was a sign bearing the words «Hurrah for Union,» and above it was a huge banner with a colored picture of Greece rising up from the Acropolis, embracing her suffering daughter Cyprus and breaking her chains. Police officers with clubs dealt with the demonstrators who had overflowed into Klafthmonos Square. KOUN AND DIAMANDOPOULOS: Karolos Koun’s Theatro Technis school of dramatic arts has announced that it will hold its annual summer school. Koun and Diamandopoulos will teach. NIKIFOROS VRETTAKOS: (Taken from a review by C. Paraschos of the poem «A Horse Ride.») «The symbol, or rather the lively image, by which the poet expresses his boundless delight that life represents for him, is a horse. The refrain of the poem is: ‘Hold out your hands! Come close to the heart! Weep for love!’» Nikiforos Vrettakos’s inspiration is so Dionysian, and the the symbol that he has chosen expresses his feelings so well, that only a profound psychological obstacle could prevent the readers from responding to the poet’s lyrical intoxication.