February 20, 1958

POPULAR FRONT: A report in Kathimerini yesterday, saying that talks were under way between the United Democratic Left (EDA), the Democratic Working People’s Party (DKEL) and the Progressives in the event that a reinforced proportional electoral system is introduced, has been denied by DKEL and the Progressives but indirectly confirmed by EDA. In a statement yesterday attributed to reliable EDA sources, the party is seeking «to restore the broadest possible cooperation between national forces in the effort to bring the country out of its current critical stalemate» and that «the party’s position in favor of a simple proportional is equally clear.» The Progressives issued an announcement that it had formulated its policy a year ago and always addressed the Greek people with absolute clarity and honesty. It said it had fought for the introduction of the simple proportional system and had no reason to consider voting for any other system. Therefore, any reports of negotiations or cooperation were inaccurate. The DKEL party’s representative said that reports of electoral cooperation between his party and EDA and the Progressives was inaccurate. DKEL, he said, was not considering any such moves, given the uncertainty surrounding the new electoral law.