May 12, 1958

QUACKS: To the left of the main entrance of the Central Market on Athinas Street are the last traces of quackery, perhaps the strangest pharmacy in Athens. Its wares include no more than a few dozen herbs, each of which supposedly cures a specific illness. A few years ago there were still some healers who traveled the country, usually accompanied by a student who doubled as an assistant, who called out in the streets of towns and villages: «Doctor here! Cures here!» The «cures» were all kinds of herbs and ointments. Traveling dentists, some of whom still operate in parts of the country, sold miracle-working dental powder and extracted teeth with a «magnet.» DEATH OF UNIONIST: According to an announcement by the police, left-wing unionist Nikolaos Kyriakos, aged 22, was last night killed by an unidentified assailant. The murder took place in the village of Peristeronas in eastern Cyprus. The deceased was a builder by trade and was working on military projects. Construction workers in the area of Famagusta have announced a 24-hour strike in a show of solidarity with the victim and in protest at the murder.