May 15, 1958

FRENCH COUP I: Paris, 13 – In view of the imminent premiership of Pierre Pflimlin, who is generally believed will follow a moderate policy regarding the problem in Algeria, France’s extreme right has held demonstrations in Paris as well as in Algiers and has caused riots in order to display its opposition to any policy aimed at granting independence to Algeria, which it sees as an inseparable part of metropolitan France. In the French capital, demonstrators broke through police cordons but were eventually repulsed. In Algiers, the demonstrators looted the American Information Service and occupied Government House. They then set up a committee of «national unity» led by French General Jacques Massu, commander of the French parachutists in Algeria, who is affiliated with the hard-line right-wing forces which have sent a telegram to French President Rene Coty requesting a government of national salvation in France. QUACKS: To the left of the main entrance of the Central Market on Athinas Street are the last traces of quackery, perhaps the strangest pharmacy in Athens. Its wares include no more than a few dozen herbs, each of which supposedly cures a specific illness.