July 28, 1958

WAVE OF ARRESTS ON CYPRUS: Nicosia, 23 – Citing the need to prevent war between the Greek and Turkish communities in Cyprus and under a cloak of silence and darkness due to the strict censorship regulations, the governor of Cyprus, Sir Hugh Foot, who has thrown off his mask of hypocrisy and supposed liberal outlook, has ordered the mass arrest of 1,400 Greek Cypriots who have been taken to various concentrations camps on the island. The arrests were made over the past 36 hours by British security forces. In a show of pretense toward equality, he also ordered the arrest of 50 Turkish Cypriots and outlawed the clandestine Turkish organization Hephaestus. According to reports from the northwestern mountains of Cyprus, 400 Greek Cypriots were arrested there alone – including several priests – from about 15 villages. Among those arrested were many advisers to the Ethnarchy, teachers and former political prisoners who had recently been freed. They included the secretary to Archbishop Makarios, Christakis Agapiou. Reports that the Greek mayors of the larger towns had been arrested have not yet been confirmed.