May 26-27, 1952

HOW MANY SUICIDES? It is rumored that Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras has suggested that EPEK deputy Venetis, who has left his party, should commit suicide. It is indeed surprising that the aforementioned deputy – and former minister – is indeed still alive. He started out as a member of an extreme right-wing paramilitary organization (the «Hites») and then went on to faithfully serve the party of George Papandreou. Then, even more faithfully, he served the People’s Party before devoting himself to the party of Mr Markezinis. Now he is the most extreme member of the far-left wing of EPEK. May he have a long life, for if Plastiras’s theory is valid, he should already have committed suicide four times over. VASSILIS LOGOTHETIDIS: According to reports from Egypt, after a week’s stay in Alexandria where they gave performances of some of their most successful Athenian shows, Mr Logothetidis and his company have gone to Cairo. Logothetidis is taking part in the comedy by Messrs Sakellariou and Yiannakopoulos «A Pebble in the Lake,» currently being filmed at studios in the Egyptian capital. DAISY MAVRAKI: The new winner of the Miss Star Hellas contest, Daisy Mavraki, was yesterday received by Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras, who wished Miss Mavrakis every success in America, where she is to take part in the Miss World beauty contest.