A time for realism, not emotion

Eighteen years after the collapse of the federation of Yugoslavia, Greece is once more embroiled in a series of negotiations over the name of its northern neighbor and in a position of having to assess the choices that it is faced with. Negotiations and choices are never easy matters, but they are necessary. The manner, however, in which they are conducted must be cool-headed, without unnecessary emotion and without hang-ups. The solutions that arise from this process must also be to the benefit of the country and viable in the long term. This time around, Greece must face up to its responsibilities and take a stance that is in concert with its leading role in the Balkans. Greece must not behave like a country that has something to fear, nor as a country that bows to pressure from powerful parties. All Greece has to do is weigh the benefits against the costs of whichever solution it choses to consider, and, if the balance is right, then it must proceed. Without fear or passion.