Let’s hold ministers to account

Justice has a duty to be consistent no matter who or what it is dealing with, even when it comes to politicians. That is why the majority of Greeks are praising the intervention of the unions representing judges and lawyers yesterday, with which they have demanded that the law concerning the conduct of government ministers be radically reviewed and changed. The law states that the misdeeds of ministers can be stricken from their records and outlines an enormously complex procedure for even a preliminary investigation into any charges levied against any minister. The end result of this law is that ministers can get away with almost anything, and this simply emboldens them and fuels rampant corruption. It is now time for the political world to address the laws and processes that concern it. The public will most certainly appreciate the courage of those who decide to abide by the law of the land and take responsibility for bringing to an end a law that gives ministers so much immunity.