Need for caution and courage

Greeks have a soft spot for navel gazing and they too often behave as if their country is the center of the world. While President Hu Jintao, the leader of China – which happens to be one of the globe’s fastest-rising powers – was visiting Greece, most of the local media chose to focus on domestic issues. We must, at some point, realize that we live in a rapidly changing global environment. We have to make use of the opportunities that lie before us and tackle the challenges and threats that hinder our progress. Conservative Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis was right in appreciating the significance of enhancing Greece’s bilateral ties with China as well as with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Karamanlis deserves credit for much of what has been achieved on these fronts. He cultivated these ties with forethought and painstaking work. However, for Greece to survive and compete in an international competitive environment, it must take the necessary steps to reduce its debt, solve its fiscal problems and attract foreign investment. All these issues warrant cautious steps and courageous measures.