Lessons from world of sport

At long last, a cleanup appears to be under way in the country’s sporting arena, as indicated by yesterday’s election of a new president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee as well as the emergence of a new leadership at the Hellenic Football Federation. New faces, with an appetite for hard work, but also with truly impeccable moral credentials, have quite deservedly taken over two of the most important posts in Greece’s sporting world. This good news however should give rise to some soul-searching among our politicians. In particular among those who hastened, with the aim of gaining points in the public relations sphere and promoting their own interests, to back certain candidacies that are entirely incompatible not only with the morals but also with the values that the people of this country would like to see among those at the helm of Greek sport. Sadly, the behavior of these politicians showed just how flexible they can become if it means they will be given a few moments in the limelight.