Violence getting out of hand

There has been a very alarming rise in indications that crime in Greece is becoming increasingly violent, much better organized and much more deadly that ever before. Murders, kidnappings and firebomb attacks on a variety of different targets have become an insufferable part of daily life in this country. What all this tells us is that it is absolutely imperative to reform the police force. It needs to be streamlined and the technology at its disposal must be improved, while it must also seek the help of experts from other countries and make the most of the best within its own ranks in order to effectively deal with the new challenges that lie ahead. We must under no circumstances allow the country to slip into the kind of rampant, daily violence that has made other capital cities in the world unsafe for their residents as well as for the people that visit them. Unfortunately, however, it appears that this disturbing situation might be getting out of control and so steps must be taken immediately.

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