April 30, 1959

AGNOSTICS: According to the results of the 1951 census in Greece, a total of 121 people (100 men and 21 women) declared to officials that they have no religion. GYMNASTIC DEMONSTRATIONS: The Education Ministry has announced that gymnastic displays by pupils at Athens high schools will take place on May 31 at the Panathenaic Stadium. Each school will participate with a group of 40 pupils. A total 3,000 children will be taking part. MARKEZINIS IN THE USSR: Moscow, 29 – The leader of Greece’s Progressive Party, Spyros Markezinis, visited Russia’s first atomic power station before returning to Athens today. Upon his departure, Markezinis said: «I thought that Greece was the homeland of the god of hospitality. But now I have the impression that it is a Soviet god. Just a few days in Moscow was enough to understand how good and hospitable the people of the USSR are.» MANOLIS TRIANTAFYLLIDIS: The distinguished linguist Manolis Triantafyllidis, who died the day before yesterday, made an important contribution to the demotic-purist language controversy. His «Historical Grammar» is an achievement that honors Modern Greek linguistics.