May 23, 1959

GREECE-BULGARIA: Sofia, 21 – The Bulgarian government’s reply to Greece regarding the latter’s announcement of May 15 asking Bulgaria to settle outstanding debts including war reparations it owes to Greece is as follows: «The Bulgarian government… reiterates that it is willing to begin negotiations based on the conditions that have been laid down by the two governments.» Bulgaria underlined that there is absolutely no reason to accuse it of not being willing to negotiate a settlement of these affairs. Furthermore it referred to its past proposals to begin talks and which the Greek government had accepted. »Nevertheless,» it added, «the Greek government has sought various excuses to postpone or cancel a discussion… The latest announcement from Greece is yet another indication of their stalling tactics, which the Greek government is using as a means of abandoning its earlier stance… With regard to the regrettable aspect of Bulgarian-Greek relations in the past, to which the Greek government’s statement refers, the Bulgarian government would like to remind them that those responsible for that policy have been punished as they deserve…»