Political semantics a farce

There can be no doubt that certain words in the country’s political vocabulary have lost every shred of their original meaning. Take the concept of so-called «political responsibility,» for instance. What we see here in Greece is certain political cadres who merely appear to assume their share of political responsibility, but do so in such a pompous fashion that it rarely produces any tangible results. This is nothing short of a publicity stunt that has no real impact. Recent developments in Britain, following disclosures about outlandish, taxpayer-funded expense claims made by members of parliament at a time when the recession is taking a hefty toll on the country’s workers, have reminded us the true meaning of political responsibility. In Greece, assuming one’s political responsibility has been reduced to a meaningless publicity stunt, frustrating voters who want to see less of the political theater and more of a responsible, government and political class that is held accountable for its actions by others and by itself.