June 20, 1959

GREECE AND YUGOSLAVIA: Following a second meeting in Athens between Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof and his Yugoslav counterpart Koca Popovic, 12 accords were signed settling several outstanding bilateral issues. COLD WAR: London, 19 – East-West relations entered a new crucial phase today as Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev rejected the West’s proposals for Berlin, setting a deadline of 30 months for the West to quit the city. ILISSOS RIVER CONSERVATION: The committee for the protection of the Attic landscape has sent the government a lengthy resolution regarding various land use issues and the aesthetic appearance of the city of Athens. They say the Ilissos River should not be converted into an avenue for transport or tourism as there are important ruins on its banks that have not yet been excavated. CALLAS-ONASSIS: London, 18 – Greek millionaire shipowner Aristotle Onassis held a glamorous reception in Park Lane recently that cost him about 5,000 pounds. The party had begun earlier at a performance at Covent Garden by the famous Greek opera singer Maria Callas.