August 8, 1959

US AND SPACE: The Explorer VI «paddle-wheel» satellite, weighing 142 pounds, was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral yesterday and is set to orbit the Earth for more than a year. Within four minutes of blastoff, it had reached speeds of 36,000 kilometers an hour, 6,000 kilometers faster than the speed required to put the satellite in orbit. Shortly after, a radio station located at Southampton, northeast of New York, announced that it had picked up clear signals from the satellite. MINORITIES IN GREECE AND TURKEY: The Foreign Ministry issued the following statement last night: «Foreign Minister Evangelos Averoff-Tositsas yesterday received the director of the ministry’s political department, Dimitrios Bitsios, who has just returned from the Turkish capital, where he brought to a satisfactory conclusion the talks held in Ankara and Athens as instructed by the prime ministers of Greece and Turkey. All major issues of concern were discussed in a spirit of friendship and cooperation and the diplomats put forward their views based on the principles of objectivity and mutual respect.»