August 14, 1959

GEORGIOS GRIVAS: Paris, 13 – According to the Agence France-Presse bureau in Athens, the sudden decision by former National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA) leader General Georgios Grivas, aka Digenis, to close his political office in Athens is seen in Athenian political circles as the result of talks the general had in Corfu with King Pavlos. According to the same sources, the king criticized Grivas strongly for his hostile stance toward Cypriot Archbishop Makarios and the government of Greece with regard to the settlement of the Cyprus issue. CHINA-INDIA: London, 13 – According to a telegram that arrived today from New Delhi, tension has risen in relations between India and Red China. The crisis that has been simmering for some time in relations between these two countries, particularly since the issue of Tibet, when India granted asylum to the Dalai Lama, intensified today following reports, although not confirmed by official sources, that the leader of the Chinese mission in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, has made territorial claims on the Indian provinces of Bhutan, Sikkim and Ladakh.