October 9, 1959

MAKARIOS AND GRIVAS: Rhodes – Talks between Cyprus’s Archbishop Makarios and General Georgios Grivas, aka Digenis, the former leader of the resistance movement on the island, reached a successful conclusion today. The joint communique issued afterward said the two men had reviewed all issues concerning Cyprus in a spirit of understanding and trust and that the interests of the Cypriot people called for peace and unity across the island. The communique was read to the press by the archbishop in Grivas’s presence. Archbishop Makarios said in response to a question that there was no reference in the communique to any resolution of their differences, as a statement had already been made to that effect. TORY VICTORY: London – Results of the parliamentary elections give the Tories a majority of 100 seats, compared to the 53 in the previous House of Commons. Despite the unexpected victory for the Harold Macmillan government, Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell said the result was not catastrophic for his party. International commentators say that Macmillan’s victory presages closer cooperation between Britain and the United States on international issues. US President Dwight D. Eisenhower congratulated Macmillan in a telegram.