Minding our own business

A number of political and economic commentators have in the past few weeks been lashing out at international speculators for allegedly targeting Greece’s troubled economy. Let’s get serious. If our national economy were not overindebted, if it were not so lacking in credibility and if it were not so dependent on its creditors, then no foreign speculator would currently be in a position to inflict any damage on the country. The last thing we should be doing is looking for outside demons to excuse our own problems and the accumulated blunders of our politicians, who have over previous years done incalculable damage, not only with their extremely poor general performance but also the corruption that is widespread among them. If Greece manages to bring some order to its fiscal chaos and at long last manages to produce some competitive goods, then speculators will be forced to turn elsewhere. So let speculators take care of their own business, and let us take care of ours. This is, after all, something that we should have done many decades ago.

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