Letters to the Editor

Reading the Letters to the Editor in the September 25 issue of Kathimerini’s English Edition, I felt I must reply to your readers, to give them hope. I assure you that not all the views of people in Greece are expressed by what the press and television report. Many of us are still in great shock from the horror of September 11. Our unlimited sympathy goes to the victims of the attacks. We feel it as strongly as if it had happened to us here – we are still in mourning and shock. We support all actions taken by the US government to arrest and bring the perpetrators to justice. We are also enraged and disgusted by any utterances (of people, AEK fans, politicians, press, the archbishop) that lay any blame on the US for what happened. It is wrong, unintelligent and callous. To give any excuses to such terrorists is just unforgivable. Please print this, I would really like Americans and Greek Americans to have this comfort: Many people in Greece ARE on their side and understand completely their anger for unsympathetic responses in Greece. Lina Zaproudi Iraklion, Crete Lost pride I was extremely saddened by the actions of my fellow Greeks in Greece. My parents, who came from Greece, never forgot their homeland, and instilled in us their love and respect for Greece. I can still recall my father’s voice explaining how Greece brought democracy to the world. How Greece brought enlightenment to barbaric countries. How we should be proud of our Greek heritage. How we spent years in Greek schools learning the language and culture. It is amazing how quickly such pride could turn into such disappointment. How quickly such a barbaric act can change my father’s unwavering admiration of his country to one with shame. How unfortunate that a country that offered so much to the world throughout its glorious history has wiped it all out with its actions, not only on a soccer field but its actions in the street. What a shame that a country that offered so much to the world has sunk lower then those countries it once called barbaric. Isn’t that taught at university?

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