There is only one way to go

Closed-shop professions have been the bane of the Greek economy for several decades, and the government, under considerable pressure from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, is trying to find a solution to a problem from which a succession of its predecessors have shied away in the past. What is certain is that it is no easy task to rock the boat to such an extent and to revoke the privileges that an entire sector earned years ago and which it clings onto. But deregulation is the only way forward right now and the government must not back down from any of the challenges that it has decided to take on. However, it is also important for the government to take a firm stance on the kind of reactions it is willing to tolerate against these changes. It must, for example, be firm when it comes to the most recent action of truck drivers blocking access to and from refineries. No one, however just and important their demands, has the right to flout the law in order to further their own goals at the expense of an entire society.

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