Paying the price of popularity

What everyone in Greece is paying for today is politicians’ popularity contests, their efforts to be liked by as many people as possible at the expense of the country’s long-term interests. A recent poll released by Public Issue and published in Kathimerini’s Sunday edition proved what we already know: that reforms carry a hefty price at the polls, and especially for the ministers who have to carry them out. Change always creates reaction at first and then it brings social and economic benefits, along with recognition for the hard work put in by those who had the courage to do it. This sequence is simply a matter of logic and everyone in the administration needs to understand it well. It is their duty to support the necessary reforms and the ministers whose task it is to make them happen. They need to explain to people that Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy because former ministers did not honor their vows of office to protect the country’s interests. Ministers who do honor their vows need our support. They need everyone’s support.