Gradual mutation of a law

The ridiculous business of the smoking ban just goes to show how irresponsible Greek politicians can be when dealing with very important issues. The state spent several million euros on an awareness-raising campaign when the question of imposing a ban on smoking in public spaces first emerged. It then went on to enact the relevant law, though it never actually got as far as implementing it. Then, just to add another farcical twist to this already ludicrous story, a law was passed forbidding adults from smoking in front of children when they were driving in their cars. Now we learn that smoking is banned in all public spaces except those where large amounts of alcohol are consumed. Such convoluted behavior shows that even the politicians themselves don’t take the laws they vote in favor of seriously. It would be much better if Parliament simply did not vote for laws rather than passing legislation that will not be implemented or that will morph into such ridiculous propositions.