October 18, 1952

STUPIDITY: (From «Political Notebook» by Eleni Vlachou) «(…) Why are those people who are silly enough to be afraid of voting for (Field Marshal Alexandros) Papagos in case it leads to the imposition of a dictatorship, not afraid of not voting for him, thereby making him angry at not winning and then staging a coup? We have reached a silly state of affairs indeed (…).» DIMITRIS MITROPOULOS: New York, 17 – The New York Philharmonic yesterday began its season with a grand premiere conducted by the Greek maestro Dimitris Mitropoulos. All of New York society was present, including the Greek ambassador, Mr Politis, whose photograph appeared in the New York press in the company of Mr Mitropoulos. CRIMINAL CINEMA: The interior undersecretary, Mr Perivoliotis, said yesterday that in order to protect young people, he had issued an order that all films depicting police and gangsters should be monitored. The Athens Juvenile Protection Association announced that it is not enough to monitor the films being screened but that it is also necessary to strictly implement the law banning the entry of juveniles to theaters and cinemas and that sanctions should be imposed both on their parents and the theater owners if required. This is because it has been shown statistically that 65 percent of juvenile crime is due to the influence of films.