UEFA rejects Olympiakos Volou’s appeal

The appeal by Olympiakos Volou over the UEFA decision that banned it from this year’s Europa League was rejected on August 15, although the Greek club is threatening to take the case to the international Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The Appeals Committee of European soccer?s governing body decided that the decision to suspend Olympiakos Volou for match fixing in Greece and impose a deferred three-year ban was fair.

As a result Luxembourg’s Differdange will take the Greek club’s place in the Europa League playoffs, despite losing to Olympiakos Volou 6-0 on aggregate in the third qualifying round, and will play Paris Saint-Germain on August 18 and 25.

However Olympiakos Volou suggests it will resort to CAS, with a club spokesman insisting that «this decision has no basis; there are no facts.»

While Olympiakos Volou cannot expect to contest the playoffs, it is eyeing hefty compensation should CAS rule in its favor.