Christie’s pulls Greek vases

Christie’s pulled four antique Greek vases from an auction on Tuesday after a prominent archaeologist revealed that they were all linked to Gianfranco Becchina, who was convicted of illegal antiquities trafficking in 2011.

Royal coins flying off the auction block

King George I of Greece celebrated a decade on the throne in 1876 after the deposition of Otto. The country was in dire economic straits, but, believing that it should not appear to be poor, the monarch ordered 182 gold 50-drachma coins.

Greek art flying off the block

The painting is a feast of colors and allegories – the body of the Homeric hero shines under the light as he places three flowers on his bird cage-for-a-head. The ancient philosopher, dressed in a green tunic, is carrying three fish in his hand.

Antique Weapons Auction | Hydra | August 5

Nonprofit organization Hydra 21 and the Historical Archives – Museum of Hydra will hold a sale of weapons used during the 1821-32 Greek War of Independence on Saturday, August 5.

Daguerreotype of Acropolis auctioned in Paris

This photo taken Tuesday in Paris shows details of a daguerreotype of “Athens, Acropolis, west side” (1842), part of a collection of 42 rare daguerreotypes created by amateur artist Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey, with an estimated worth between 700,000 and one million euros.