New effort under way to find British boy who disappeared 25 years ago

A view of farmhouse where Ben Needham disappeared on July 24, 1991, on the Greek island of Kos, on Tuesday. A team of British police officers arrived on Kos to look for new witnesses.

British police visiting Greece in a bid to find information that could lead to Ben Needham, the toddler who went missing 25 years ago on the island of Kos, on Tuesday issued an appeal to people living in Greece who might be him.

“The question I would like people to ask themselves is: Could you be Ben?” Detective Inspector Jon Cousins, who is leading the investigation, said in a statement. “As a child, did you have blond hair and blue eyes? Do you have doubts over who your parents are, or perhaps you look physically different to your parents? If you have any of these doubts, please call us,” he said.

A team of 10 British police officers and Ben’s mother arrived on Kos on Tuesday to renew their search for leads to the boy, who would be 26 years old today. He went missing on July 24, 1999, at the age of 21 months during a vacation on Kos with his mother and grandparents.