Great surge in issue of Golden Visas

The number of residence permits issued to non-European Union citizens who invest at least 250,000 euros in Greek properties (known as Golden Visas) recorded a major increase in the first 11 months of 2019.

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Pyatt deplores Turkey-Libya accord

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt has deplored a maritime boundaries agreement signed last month between Turkey and Libya’s internationally-recognized government, while describing Greece as key to stability in the wider region.

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Bill foresees big handout for every baby born


The Labor Ministry will bring a bill to Parliament by the end of the year that will introduce the birth benefit for every baby born, adjust the residence permit criteria for non-European Union citizens who also qualify for child and housing benefits, and exempt the benefit for low-income households in mountainous and disadvantaged areas from taxes while also protecting it from confiscation.

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First Kolumbo, next the moons

Robots used in last week’s international oceanographic seabed survey of Kolumbo, a submarine volcano about 7 kilometers northeast of the island of Santorini, discovered hitherto unknown hydrothermal vents forming cylindrical chimney structures, around which are flourishing bacterial communities.

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Paralyzed bear, Usko, dies

A disabled bear, the world’s first to use a makeshift wheelchair to get around, has died, it was reported on Thursday. The 4-year-old bear, which had been living at the Arcturos sanctuary on Mount Vitsi in northern Greece, died on Monday.




Acrobatics Extravaganza | Athens | December 18-22

China’s award-winning National Acrobatic Theater is coming to Athens’ Galatsi Olympic Hall to wow and entertain audiences with its amazing physical feats and beautiful costumes and props, as part of the Christmas Theater series of events.