Multi-bill of remaining bailout measures to be tabled Wednesday, voted on Sunday

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A multi-bill containing the remaining measures Greece has to pass to conclude its bailout review and receive its next tranche of funding is due to be submitted to Parliament on Wednesday, with the aim of MPs voting the legislation through on Sunday, sources have told Kathimerini.

The omnibus bill will include 1.8 billion euros in fiscal measures, mostly increases to indirect taxes, provisions for the sale of non-performing loans, the framework for the new privatisation agency and the legislation for the fiscal mechanism to trigger automatic cuts if Greece misses its primary surplus targets in the coming years.

The multi-bill will be table under the emergency procedure, meaning a curtailed debate at committee level before it goes to the full assembly for an equally brief discussion before the vote on Sunday.

If the legislation is passed, a meeting of technical experts that advise eurozone finance ministers is expected on Monday to give the green light for Tuesday’s Eurogroup to disburse a minimum of around 6 billion euros for Greece.