Kammenos asks ministry to take action against GD lawmaker’s racist rhetoric in Parliament

TAGS: Politics

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos (photo) has called on the Justice Ministry to take action against the xenophobic and racist rhetoric used in Parliament on Monday by Christos Pappas, a lawmaker representing the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Speaking during a debate concerning the ratification of Greece’s international agreements with other countries, Pappas singled out Israel as an “eternal enemy of Greece and Orthodoxy.”

“The state of Israel implements genocidal methods and is a regional troublemaker,” he said, questioning how “a state like Israel could possibly have relations with Greece, which is the cradle of civilization and humanism.”

His remarks drew a sharp response from lawmakers and Kammenos, who is also leader of Independent Greeks (ANEL), the right-wing junior partner in the coalition, called for the minutes of the debate to be sent to the Justice Ministry.