Gov't accused of hiring hundreds at oil firm without transparency

TAGS: Privatizations, Politics

New Democracy alleges that the government has made hundreds of hirings at Hellenic Petroleum (HELPE) that do not meet the criteria for transparency.

In a parliamentary question to Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis, 21 deputies of the main opposition party are asking for the precise data on all hirings by the state-owned oil company in the last three years.

“All signs point to the government using HELPE to serve client relations and construct a party state,” says New Democracy in a statement.

“Over 300 hirings with non-transparent criteria have been made during the years of the Syriza-Independent Greeks government, while another 70 are expected in the coming period,” it added.

“Such has been the way the corporation is staffed that they even tried to place a contract postman to the post of the Director of Public Relations,” the ND statement alleges.

HELPE is among the companies that are scheduled for further privatization. The state’s 35-percent stake will have to go up for grabs through a tender called by March at the latest, according to the Compliance Report by the European Commission after the third bailout review.