Amid decision rush, minister attacks Lamda


TAGS: Privatizations

While the government has been scrambling to have the necessary ministerial decisions issued for the Elliniko development, State Minister Alekos Flambouraris on Thursday lashed out at contractor Lamda Development, accusing it of delaying the project’s implementation.

The government appears eager to have two out of the three ministerial decisions issued before the July 7 election – those on the project’s town planning and its commercial uses. This followed the pledge by opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis that his government would issue the decisions within seven days.

On Thursday Flambouraris blamed Lamda for delaying the submission of the integrated development plan by six months in 2017. He also said the company was more than 12 months late in submitting the necessary studies for the issue of the ministerial decisions. What he did not say was that Lamda had to face a number of court cases in the process.