Greece expects to be included in next stages of Berlin process, FM says

TAGS: Diplomacy, Security

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Monday hailed the outcome of Sunday’s conference on the Libya crisis as a positive first step, although he regretted the fact that the summit’s conclusions did not reiterate the position of the European Union on the contentious agreements signed between Ankara and the Tripoli-based government.

Speaking after a meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers in Brussels, Dendias said that the bloc’s top diplomat Josep Borrell had assured him that the bloc’s position on the Turkey-Libya agreements “remains the same,” and that the memorandums are “illegal and void.”

Dendias said that Greece, which was controversially left out of Sunday’s meeting, expected to be included in the next stages of the so-called Berlin process for peace in Libya.

During Sunday’s summit, Libya’s rival camps and their international backers agreed that an arms embargo must be respected and strengthened to reach a lasting ceasefire on the ground.