Refugee children to go to Germany, Luxembourg


TAGS: Migration

The resettlement procedure for unaccompanied minors from Greek reception and identification facilities to other European Union states will begin next week. 

The plan foresees that 12 will head to Luxembourg next Wednesday and another 50 to Germany two days later.

Eight other countries have expressed their intention to accept unaccompanied minors from Greece, but a final agreement has yet to be reached on their number.

According to the most recent data (March 31) from the National Center for Social Solidarity (EKKA), 1,637 unaccompanied minors currently live at the reception and identification centers in the Evros border region in northeastern Greece and on the islands, while a total of 5,252 are estimated to be in the whole country, of whom 93 percent are boys and 8.7 percent are under 14 years old.

Moreover, a reported 3,249 unaccompanied minors live in conditions deemed unsuitable or dangerous.