Brave steps are needed on the part of European Union member-states to overcome deep-seated differences over the new Pact on Migration and Asylum, according to Roberta Metsola, the newly elected president of the European Parliament. 

Migrants walk towards the Bosnia-Croatia border in attempt to cross it what they call “the game,” near Velika Kladusa, Sept. 29, 2020 [Reuters/Marko Djurica].

The municipal council of Orestiada in northeastern Greece is convening Tuesday to discuss controversial plans by the government to expand a migrant reception and identification center on the outskirts of the border village of Fylakio. 

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A woman who went missing in a mountainous area in Serres regional unit, northern Greece, on Wednesday while trying to cross a swollen torrent amid rainstorms along with a group of migrants was found dead on Thursday.


One man was swept away and drowned and a woman was missing after a group of migrants trekking through the hills of northern Greece to avoid police patrols crossed a swollen torrent amid rainstorms Wednesday, authorities said.

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Scattered in every Greek city are the remnants of buildings used to house refugees following the Asia Minor Campaign and the subsequent population exchange in 1923.


The body of a young child was recovered from the Aegean Sea on Saturday, two weeks after two deadly accidents in the area involving boats loaded with migrants, Greek Coast Guard officials said.

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Fifteen days after a boat full of migrants capsized south of the Aegean Sea island of Folegandros, four badly decomposed bodies were recovered Thursday.