Opposition MPs were up in arms on Thursday over remarks by Deputy Education Minister Angelos Syrigos that Greece’s military dictatorship did not fall in 1974 due to the student uprising at Athens Polytechnic in 1973 but because of Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus and the junta’s own mistakes. 

05.07.2022 / 17:39

A program for the acquisition of three American MQ-9 medium-altitude, long-endurance drones was submitted to the Parliamentary Arms Committee on Monday.

28.01.2022 / 07:55

The conservative government picked up the gauntlet Thursday after main opposition SYRIZA tabled a censure motion in the wake of a severe snowstorm that exposed the State’s unpreparedness to deal with a severe snowstorm that paralyzed transport in Athens, prompting a rare apology from the prime minister.

07.07.2021 / 21:51

Amid growing concern over the downward trend in daily vaccinations, a new poll by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV has shown that among those who have not yet received a shot, 40% said they never intend to get one while 24% said they would at a much later date.

08.03.2021 / 16:03

Expulsions from SYRIZA appear to be in the cards as the opposition party’s failure to gain ground in opinion polls despite a drop of around 4% for ruling New Democracy is being attributed to a series of off-color statements made by officials. 

03.03.2021 / 12:50

SYRIZA lawmaker Thodoris Dritsas provoked a backlash on Tuesday after stating that the deadly November 17 terror group, of which jailed terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas was a leading member, had not terrorized anyone.

10.12.2020 / 16:46

Although the vaccine for the coronavirus may become available as early as the beginning of next year, a segment of the population remains unconvinced of its efficacy or use, according to the latest Pulse poll, on behalf of Skai TV.

14.11.2020 / 16:04

After disputing Speaker Kostas Tasoulas' announcement that Parliament donated 50 intensive care unit beds to Sotiria Hospital in Athens on Thursday, SYRIZA lawmaker Pavlos Polakis on Friday posted a video on social media showing his visit to said institution without wearing a mask.

11.11.2020 / 16:12

The leader of main opposition SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras came under fire on Tuesday for refusing to publicly rebuke party MP Pavlos Polakis, who posted a photo of himself eating at a friend’s house where none of the people gathered around the table was observing physical distancing or wearing a mask.

25.10.2020 / 08:25

Seven in 10 Greeks are worried about the course of the pandemic, with the same rate expressing concern with Turkish aggression in the East Mediterranean, according to a new opinion poll, which gives ruling New Democracy an 18 percentage point lead over leftist SYRIZA.

25.09.2020 / 20:20

Irked by the reluctance of his former finance minister to embrace the opposition SYRIZA party’s latest narrative against the conservative New Democracy administration, Alexis Tsipras plans to set up a new disciplinary body aiming at stifling dissent inside his increasingly unruly leftist party.

18.07.2020 / 23:43

New Democracy and opposition SYRIZA exchanged barbs on Friday over the criminal prosecution of the country’s top corruption prosecutor, Eleni Touloupaki, for a series of serious alleged offenses related to her handling of the Novartis bribery probe.

07.05.2020 / 19:04

The commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of the firebomb attack on a branch of Marfin Bank in central Athens which led to the deaths of three people was a source of political tensions and partisan rhetoric on Wednesday.