Almost a month ago, when Turkey’s MetroPoll published a survey on how the Turkish public views Greece, many Greeks were surprised.

14.10.2022 / 20:47

Patrons of the Zefyros open-air cinema and the classic family taverna Oikonomou in Petralona may have trouble imagining that until the early 1960s, this part of the hip Athenian neighborhood was the shantytown depicted in the emblematic drama “Synoikia to Oneiro” (“A Neighborhood Named The Dream”), directed by and starring Alekos […]

25.09.2022 / 19:15

As we head into the first fall that looks like it will remind us of the last before the pandemic, the lights are back on in Athens, the temperature has dropped all of a sudden (thankfully, it is forecast to go back up) and people are inevitably returning to their “winter” habits.

16.09.2022 / 21:15

Greece is mourning the loss of its last truly international actress of stage and screen. Irene Papas died at the age of 96 on Wednesday at her home in the downtown Athens district of Plaka after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s.

31.05.2022 / 22:04

Greek social media were on fire over the past weekend with photographs and comments from an expansive digital art exhibition organized by the Onassis Foundation at downtown Athens’ Pedion tou Areos park.

30.03.2022 / 13:44

The recent modification of a joint ministerial decision regarding the areas designated for urban development on the site of the former Athens airport at Elliniko on the capital’s southern coast naturally caused controversy.

02.07.2021 / 16:10

As the Elliniko development on Athens’ southern coast gets on the road toward its implementation and more and more details come to light, the magnitude of this colossal endeavor is starting to become apparent.

25.06.2020 / 18:26

There’s more to be read into the contentious TV advertisement released by SYRIZA last week than even the creators themselves would probably like.

14.05.2020 / 19:48

As we wait for Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis to reveal the details of his plan to revamp the city center, including the creation of an extensive pedestrian network, the recent overhaul of Omonia Square appears to be but a small taste of what’s to come – an appetizer, let’s say.

10.05.2020 / 14:45

I understand (and have full respect for) those among us who want to return to where we were in late February, for reasons that have to do with their economic survival and that of their families. However, I am less certain about the rest of us: What exactly is it that we are so anxious to return to?

13.04.2020 / 16:05

People will most certainly love the revamped Omonia Square at the heart of Athens. 

24.01.2020 / 12:10

Despite the extreme secrecy that has surrounded the redevelopment of Omonia Square in downtown Athens, it seems that what we will see in the end will have little to do with what the previous municipal authority had announced.

05.12.2019 / 18:45

Every family has an eccentric uncle or a cool but loudmouthed aunt – in other words, a middle-aged relative who dresses like a 20-year-old and sits with the youngsters at big family gatherings.

15.11.2019 / 20:35

The first time I came across a Facebook post by Kostas Bakoyiannis, the new Athens mayor had written enthusiastically about an operation to clean up a neglected Athens square. 

27.09.2019 / 16:55

The tragicomic backlash sparked by the unfortunate plan to rename Athens’ Evangelismos metro station Pavlos Bakoyannis, after the late conservative politician who was gunned down in the area 30 years ago by the November 17 terrorist group, was not all bad.