Tapping into the values and beliefs permeating Greek society, a survey by the Dianeosis think-tank shows that the return of economic insecurity, the consequences of climate change and the demographic issue are seen as major threats to the country’s future.

12.04.2024 / 11:31

When Tina Kyriaki saw Marina Satti’s video for Greece’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, it made her mad. Very mad, in fact. “My first thought was that we were gouging out our own eyes,” the founder of Alternative Athens tells Kathimerini, quoting a Greek proverb.

11.03.2024 / 21:47

It was Sarah Whiting’s last morning in Athens. For the final day of this dense, week-long tour of Greece, the weather improved and the winter sun shone over Syntagma Square. From her hotel balcony she enjoyed a typical sunny Athenian panorama, with the silhouette of the Parthenon in the background. Until […]

05.03.2024 / 10:57

The remarkable (if not yawning) chasm between the generation that experienced the entire cycle of Greece’s return to democracy and younger age groups born into the cycle of the so-called Metapolitefsi has been vividly illustrated by a poll commissioned by Kathimerini.

22.01.2024 / 22:03

It took him just nine months in office in his first-ever term in government to score his first big win as head of the ministry responsible for bringing Greek bureaucracy into the digital age.

24.12.2023 / 16:15

Government officials are contemplating the prospect of relocating the prime minister’s office, currently situated in the iconic Maximos Mansion, to the upper floors of the imposing Bodossaki Mansion. This move comes in the wake of the recent 12-year lease signed by the Greek Parliament for the Bodossaki Mansion.

21.11.2023 / 15:32

Short-term rentals, mainly through online platforms such as Airbnb, are making living in Athens more expensive and rapidly changing the cityscape, mostly not for the better, as several local residents have told Kathimerini.

27.09.2023 / 20:45

“For all our family members that might not hear this announcement and the measures to be taken, please inform them by giving them a phone call. We must move to a safer place to protect ourselves from the potential rising waters during this cyclone.”

26.08.2023 / 17:30

A middle-aged German couple walk along Tritis Septemvriou Street towards Omonia Square. Strolling nonchalantly along, they talk and laugh in an animated manner, seeming to enjoy the hot Athenian sun. If the Omonia Square fountains weren’t in the way, they’d be able to see the Acropolis.

04.07.2023 / 21:16

Brussels, Friday, June 26, 2015, shortly before 9 o’clock in the morning. Then-Premier Alexis Tsipras announces to his stunned colleagues something that none of them could have imagined until that moment: a referendum.

13.04.2023 / 20:27

“What can I say, son? It looks like people just hate the soil,” says Mrs Ourania as she sweeps the yard at what is one of the last surviving detached houses in the Athens suburb of Nea Smyrni.

21.02.2023 / 13:04

Lost in the noise about the diplomas of actors, musicians and the like supposedly being “downgraded” to high-school level (a designation which applied only if they sought public sector jobs unrelated to their studies) and the subsequent compromise formula found after a meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is the fact that university-level programs in various arts already exist. 

21.10.2022 / 09:35

Almost a month ago, when Turkey’s MetroPoll published a survey on how the Turkish public views Greece, many Greeks were surprised.