27.08.2021 / 10:20

Experts meeting at a conference in Athens Thursday called for stricter regulation on artificial intelligence technology to ensure it’s being deployed ethically.

25.08.2021 / 10:00

Wendell Wallach is uncomfortably pragmatic about the potentially negative effects of artificial intelligence. “It’s not that we lack ways of ameliorating those effects, it’s just that the simple will to do so is not there,” he says during a Skype video call from his home in Connecticut. Αs a lecturer at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center […]

10.08.2021 / 20:42

“Few people in the world know better than I do what it’s like to have your life’s work threatened by a machine.” Garry Kasparov’s admission, in his latest book, “Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins,” encapsulates the existential threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to its creator.

09.08.2021 / 21:10

“I think we got Huxley.” Since 2004, when he launched one of the first blogs in Greece, Manolis Andriotakis’ view of new media has only grown bleaker. Inquisitive, versatile and independent, he has systematically studied developments in the sphere of the internet and social media, and their impact on human evolution. His thoughts on the […]

09.06.2021 / 15:32

As radical and influential a man as he is a photographer, Spyros Staveris is also surprisingly modest and softly spoken.

05.06.2019 / 11:08

European Parliament elections gave observers of the far right in Greece something to smile about as Golden Dawn lost nearly half of its votes compared to the previous EU ballot in 2014. But it was not all good news. 

14.05.2019 / 09:16

If you’re lucky enough to fly to Amsterdam on a cloudless day, your gaze will inevitably be drawn to the unusually geometrical, handmade mosaic that is the Dutch countryside. 

10.04.2019 / 09:37

Almost 13 years and 86 million shoes since the launch of the one-for-one model, Toms takes the next step.

15.03.2018 / 14:35

As she waits for her son, a Golden Dawn party MP, to come out of jail, Dafni wipes a collection of rifles sitting on a weapons rack in their family home.

07.03.2018 / 09:10

Shot over a period of eight months, “Dying for Europe” chronicles the perilous journey of the wretched masses, the tragedy of loss, and the eventual closure of the so-called Balkan route that left thousands of people stranded on Greek soil.

03.03.2018 / 10:26

It’s late winter 2016, at a makeshift cemetery for Muslim migrants on Lesvos, less than 10 nautical miles off the Turkish coast.