30.07.2023 / 09:50

The lack of a political culture that values environmental issues, the presence of antagonistic political trends, and persistent internal skirmishes are the primary obstacles that prevent the green parties in Greece from establishing themselves as a meaningful political force, according to experts.

14.07.2023 / 10:55

The fragility of the Aoos/Vjosa River, which crosses the border between Greece and Albania and represents one of Europe’s few remaining free-flowing waterways, has inspired a multimedia exhibition that seeks to explore the confluence of history, culture, economy, and environmental sustainability.

24.03.2023 / 15:32

The number of national flags hung from the balconies of private homes in the streets of the Greek capital grew sharply in the wake of the contentious name deal between Athens and Skopje, according to a new study which explores the impact of symbolic conflict resolution on nationalist sentiment. 

25.01.2023 / 08:02

Spikes in tension between Athens and Berlin during Greece’s 10-year financial crisis caused a dip in German car sales in areas that suffered from Nazi atrocities during the Second World War, according to a study published in the American Political Science Review.

30.09.2022 / 09:02

“It’s time for it to come out,” Pavlos Kozalidis says on a Skype video call from his home in the seaside village of Oropos, northeast of Athens.

08.03.2022 / 09:32

Laura Roveri will never forget the night she went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a Verona discotheque eight years ago. The 25-year-old ended up half dead in hospital with 15 stab wounds – inflicted by her boyfriend. 

26.02.2022 / 16:27

The human toll of Russia’s military aggression and Putin’s war on independent journalism are explored in films to be showcased at the upcoming Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (TDF).

12.02.2022 / 08:46

An ambitious new initiative by local and international experts aims to collect, preserve and disseminate the largely untapped and endangered audiovisual heritage of Greece’s Cyclades islands.

27.08.2021 / 10:20

Experts meeting at a conference in Athens Thursday called for stricter regulation on artificial intelligence technology to ensure it’s being deployed ethically.

25.08.2021 / 10:00

Wendell Wallach is uncomfortably pragmatic about the potentially negative effects of artificial intelligence. “It’s not that we lack ways of ameliorating those effects, it’s just that the simple will to do so is not there,” he says during a Skype video call from his home in Connecticut. Αs a lecturer at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center […]