10.09.2021 / 23:00

With his life and work, Mikis Theodorakis won the right to be regarded as “ecumenical,” as someone belonging to the whole world. He became a symbol of the Greeks. For him, as for many Greeks, “ecumenical” and “Greek” are not contradictory terms.

07.09.2021 / 15:51

A year after the death of Nelson Mandela’s friend and lawyer in South Africa, the main square of Vasilitsi, a village in Messinia in the southwestern Peloponnese, was named after George Α. Bizos on Sunday in a simple yet moving ceremony.

03.09.2021 / 09:23

Mikis Theodorakis was not only a great composer of international fame, he was the rarest of Greeks – appreciated, honored and revered by all his compatriots.

30.08.2021 / 12:16

Two images have so far encapsulated the Afghanistan tragedy. One shows the moment a wailing baby is handed over to an American soldier at Kabul airport. In the other, two men are seen falling to their deaths from the underside of a US military plane.

20.08.2021 / 21:15

We owe Stefanos Tsitsipas a great thank you. Not only for the excitement that he provides on the tennis court but also because his recent statements on his reservations about the Covid-19 vaccination reminded us that society is in a war in which many people are dying almost unnoticed.

17.08.2021 / 21:29

We are witnessing one of the most important moments since the end of World War II, equal to the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the Cold War.

13.08.2021 / 23:04

Stephen G. Miller’s life’s work speaks for itself. The excavations at Ancient Nemea, the restoration of fallen columns of the Temple of Zeus, the museum and beautiful archaeological park, the revival of the Nemean Games, are a rich legacy.

03.08.2021 / 22:38

All of us who want to see the Olympics return to their birthplace for good someday must wish the Tokyo Games success – as well as those in Paris, Los Angeles and Brisbane.

23.07.2021 / 21:15

The protests by extremist fringe parties and lone fans of the anti-vaccination movement in Athens in recent days are the first pre-election rallies of the age augured by an electoral system that will allow their representatives to be elected to Parliament.

18.07.2021 / 11:16

In war, poverty and clashes of civilizations, women and children are as much on the frontlines as are the protagonists, the soldiers. But their stories usually remain untold.

16.07.2021 / 22:54

After having had his fill of mocking the Greeks and their young kingdom with abundant Gallic wit during his stay in Athens in 1852-4, the French journalist finds himself in a mountainous part of the Peloponnese.

09.07.2021 / 22:30

The Tokyo Olympics, one year late and devoid of spectators, are the perfect symbol for our abnormal time.

02.07.2021 / 22:45

Even the most skeptical among us can no longer deny that the climate crisis is everyone’s problem.

25.06.2021 / 21:45

The greatest part of the world’s population is exposed to the most contagious and perhaps most dangerous variant of the coronavirus. The Delta variant is 60 percent more contagious than the Alpha strain.